Case studies

Global Data Centre Operator

Hyperscale Joint Venture Program

Working with a Global Data Centre Operator to support their business case for the

acceleration of a Hyperscale Development program in conjunction with a Joint venture partner.

Network and Market Review

VIPA Digital was invited to carry out a network and market review of a European location. Our findings helped the Investor make an informed decision around the growth, demand drivers and feasibility of developing a Data Centre in that region.

CS-Business Strategy.jpg
Global Service Provider

Strategy Review

VIPA Digital was invited to provide an independent peer review of a Global Data Centre Service Provider multi-year Business Strategy. With the ambition to double revenues, the team at VIPA helped to validate the strategy and provided additional insights to achieving their goals

Data Centre Operator
Acquisition Integretaion

Following the acquisition of a European Data Centre portfolio by a large US Data Centre Operator, an integration exercise was required to integrate the businesses to ensure alignment of service delivery, consistent customer experience, and business continuity.

Global Data Centre Operator

Global Power Connections

Working with a Global Data Centre Operator to engage stakeholder, develop and 

publish monthly report. The 

framework is also used to inform regional and local 

strategies for the connection

of new utility supplies.

Data Centre Operating Cost Review

The VIPA Team were engaged to provide an operating cost review of a regional Data Centre Operators portfolio

of assets together with recommendations on future OPEX and CAPEX forecasts and financial governance.

International Bank
Data Centre Portfolio Consolidation

Consolidation of Global Data Centre portfolio for an international bank. With over

25 Data Centres in the portfolio, the team developed a roadmap to move the business to occupy 8 dedicated facilities spread across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Data Centre Operator

New Operating Model for growth in emerging markets

VIPA Digital were  invited to support the client team to develop and propose a new Operating Model to support an existing Hypercsale  clients 

growth ambitions in to two new emerging markets in Asia. 

echnical Due Diligence

Following the acquisition of a European Data Centre Operator, the VIPA team were engaged to carry out a detailed technical due diligence assessment of the entire Data Centre portfolio.

Data Centre Switchgear Market Review

Appointed by an Investor to conduct a market review of European switchgear manufacturers to support an acquisition proposal for a specialist company operating in the Data Centre sector.


Pre-feasibility Power

Appointed by a global Investment fund to conduct
a power connection analysis for inclusion in a pre-feasibility for the development of a Wholesale/Hyperscale Data Centre in Sweden


Technical Due Diligence  

Following the successful aquisition of a US DC Platform, our client a Global Investor was keen to expand their footprint into the European market. VIPA Digital were invited to carry out a Technical Due Diligence 

assessment of a target site in Europe.