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Case Study

Technical Due Diligence




Our client recently acquired a portfolio of data centres in mainland Europe. VIPA Digital was engaged to provide a thorough understanding of these assets and make recommendations regarding the local market – enabling the client to maximise opportunity and the returns on their investment.



The scope of works included the assessment of the entire portfolio of DC Assets, which all varied in age, design, and specification. The approach agreed was to work with the site teams to build on 3rd party work produced before acquisition, to paint a complete picture of the data centres and any obstacles that needed to be overcome. 


Assessments were completed over four weeks with VIPA Digital bringing its subject matter experts into the assessments as needed. Each piece of critical plant’s capacity and condition was recorded on-site enabling the VIPA team to report the total capacity of each system, facility and the likely Tier Rating that the Uptime Institute would give if formally assessed.


By working closely with the client’s management and operational staff VIPA Digital was able to efficiently obtain the information required but build strong relationships and gain an understanding of the client’s business objectives.   


A thorough reporting methodology provided the client with a detailed technical understanding of its estate. VIPA Digital's customer-centric approach was to focus not only on the technical detail but to also provide actionable recommendations aligned with the client’s business objectives. Reporting was delivered in formal documentation format with an accompanying summary presentation delivered in person to the Company Board. 


The assessments identified unique sets of recommendations for each of the properties, drawing on each property’s strengths concerning very different markets to which each was best aligned.


The client is currently implementing the recommendations made and with the strong relationships established VIPA Digital has been trusted to advise on other projects with the investor.


The opportunity facing this client is great and VIPA Digital’s work will undoubtedly allow its objectives to be achieved more quickly and effectively than otherwise would have been possible

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