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Case Study
Global Power Connection Tracking




Working with a Global Data Centre operator to engage stakeholders, develop and publish a monthly power connections report. The tracking framework was also used to inform regional and local strategies for the connection of new utility supplies, ensuring effective review of regulatory requirements, total cost of delivery and end-user recharging.



The customer, a major Global Data Centre operator had identified that project delivery was often impacted through incomplete or delayed utility connections with significant differences from one location to another.


In addition, the customer required a better insight in the commercial balance between the Capital Investment in power infrastructure and the link to operations and maintenance cost to optimise around total cost of ownership (TCO).


Stakeholders across Design & Construction, Real Estate, Commercial, Operations, Legal and Supply Chain were engaged to participate in a meeting and reporting format to assemble regular progress information for all new utility connections. A management hierarchy was overlaid to provide decision making and governance.


Compiled on a monthly cadence, the Global report consists of a RAG status summary for each location against Design, Program and Budget, together with a more detailed report for each location.


The reporting framework has provided structure for management decision making, internal and external reporting and a mechanism by which projects can be offered additional help and support as required.


As a result, utility connections receive an increased degree of constructive scrutiny and appear on project critical paths less frequently.


In addition, where projects have options for different utility solutions, the team is already engaged to ensure a full commercial balance can be undertaken to drive low TCO.

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