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Establishing & Optimsing DC Operations

Opinions on an appropriate Operational model can differ, with curiosity over whether an insourced workforce might be more effective than outsourced (and vice versa). In reality, the solution is informed by perspective, the scale of the facility/portfolio, the prevailing delivery model and any recent M&A activity.

With many decades of responding to customer demands for the best service at low cost, combined with experience of transition, merger and consolidation, the team at VIPA are able to lend their perspective and support the journey to an optimised management model, including:

  • Operations Strategy & Delivery Frameworks

  • Operational Best Practice/Excellence

  • Supplier Management

  • Utility Power Provision & Procurement

  • Standards (ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO18001, ISO22301 etc)

  • Resource Planning & allocation ( Insource/Outsource )

  • Stranded Capacity Optimisation

  • Customer Success Framework

  • Sales Engineering Support


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