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Case Study

Operations Integration of DC aquisition




Following the acquisition of a portfolio of EMEA co-location facilities in EMEA by a large US Data Centre operator, there was a requirement to integrate the businesses to ensure alignment of service delivery, consistent customer experience, business continuity and risk.

Whilst employing similar business models, the two organisations were operating in different parts of the Data Centre community with differing customer densities and relationship models.

From a standing start, it was necessary to confirm a target operating model, conduct a gap analysis and an integration roadmap to bring the businesses together.

The management team were insistent that the acquired facilities should achieve an ‘interim state’ quickly as an initial milestone, followed by a program of full operational integration to follow.



Working with a team of internal and external stakeholders, the group developed an interdepartmental integration roadmap incorporating Operations, Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Legal and Design & Construction. Operationally, the interim state included rebranding (buildings and workforce), compliance and HR integration (payroll etc).


In addition to the transactional, the group was challenged to address the cultural challenges of merging two organisations and, through a series of management workshops were able to start the assimilation.


The team were able to quickly rebrand the new locations, providing the local teams with the apparel, marketing materials and training required to operate under a new delivery model. Within a couple of months the groups were sharing in business development of the blended business and after only five months, the project had achieved ‘interim state’. 


Ongoing work was required to fully align the corporate approach to compliance with voluntary standards with focus on ISO, PCIDSS and SOC. 


The project resulted in the expansion of locations and service offerings, a significant increase in customer numbers and the opportunity to deliver a tailored colocation product across EMEA.

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