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Case Study

Data Centre Operating Cost Review





Our client had recently acquired a modest data centre colocation portfolio spanning several European locations. The team at VIPA were asked to review the OEPX and CAPEX budgets and to provide recommendations to the Company Board on the current and expected cost base. 


By recognising the exceptional hard work and success already achieved and adopting a collaborative approach VIPA and the client’s team were able to work as one and identify significant areas for improvement.


Following in-depth review of the current funding approval process, and historical OPEX and CAPEX cost base across the portfolio, the team at VIPA identified numerous savings and process improvements. Recommendations were made for an improved financial governance and approval structure, asset management oversight, and significant multi-million dollar savings on the annual operating budgets. 


The outputs also helped to provide the Investor better foresight into annual and future running costs.

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