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VIPA Power

Options surrounding the provision of a reliable, resilient and sustainable power supply are central to the design, operation and total cost of delivery for a modern data centre facility. Combined with Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE), the cost of energy will likely dominate the commercial model. In addition, the supply of electricity often presents an opportunity to mitigate environmental impact

VIPA Power is well positioned to evaluate energy options, optimise against corporate business objectives, balance appetite for commercial risk across a range of power procurement products and consider  innovation options in power generation, transmission, distribution and branch circuit delivery.

  • Power Feasibility Studies

  • Procurement/Supply Chain

  • Electricity Contract Review

  • Supplier due diligence

  • Energy Efficiency & Demand Management

  • Renewable Supply

  • International power strategies

  • Bureau service and bill validation

  • New utility power connections and capacity management

  • Energy audits

  • ISO50001 – Energy Management 

  • Onsite Power Generation (OSPG)


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