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Case Study
Expansion Business Case




To date, the customer has secured a large amount of land and power and successfully developed the first phase of the Data Centre campus, which houses their proprietary cloud and HPC platform - the first of its kind in this European region. The customer intends to move to the next level in the Data Centre space with the creation of a large Data Centre campus on the current land plot, targeting Hyperscale tenants and creating a European-wide platform. This would make this the first large-scale Hyperscale specified Data Centre in the region.


With VIPA Digital’s familiarity with hyperscale design and operation specifications, the customer engaged VIPA to generate a business case for the high-level design and commercial breakdown of a Hyperscale-friendly Data Centre design.



The VIPA Digital team reviewed the land plot and existing infrastructure, working with the client stakeholders throughout multiple workshop sessions in order to gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of the site and company financials.


VIPA were able to utilise the experience of dealing with Hyperscale customers to determine a high-level design solution that would satisfy Hyperscalers, while also retaining a layer of flexibility if another customer journey was chosen. A high-level financial model was also provided, demonstrating the cost phasing and typical revenue over 10 years, enabling the customer to visualise the returns.


Knowledge of market conditions was also factored into the business case, to provide an overall picture of the possibilities of developing a large-scale facility in the European region of choice.


The project concluded in VIPA Digital successfully delivering a business case which detailed the market landscape for the customers European region, a high-level concept design for future campus buildings, a go-to-market strategy and a financial analysis to display viability of campus expansion.

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