Jul 2020

Critical National Infrastructure​ (CNI)

With the recent COVID-19 global crisis, our dependancy on digital infrastructure has been firmly put in the spot light.


What happens if we can no longer access our online services, and  should Data Centres be designated CNI?

Jun 2020

VIPA Digital Company Away Day

Great day out cycling from London to Brighton ending with fish and chips by the sea-side.


Special callout to Stuart who ended up cycling a mammoth 118mile round trip

Jun 2020

Sometimes the best engineering solutions come from making better use of the things you already have to hand!


 #VIPADigital #homeworking Mop & Brolly #Parasol

Jun 2020

VIPA achieves ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards recertification.


With our ongoing commitment to operating our business to the highest 

of standards, we are proud to have maintained our ISO certifications  following an independent audit. 


Jun 2020

VIPA Digital's Paul Cranfield joins  an expert panel of DC Developers, Operators and Funders to discuss the opportunities and issues that face Infrastructure investors when looking at Data Centre Investments.

Click on the link below  to join us on 9th Jun 2020.

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Jun 2020

Come join VIPA Digital's Vijay Mistry at Broadgroup's Borderless event on June 4th discussing the investor outlook in 2020 with fellow panelists Richard Hall, Dr. Dmitriy Antropov, and Jennifer Fritzsche

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Apr 2020

The VIPA team is delighted to welcome Jacob Bond who joins the company as Associate Director.

A seasoned  Data Centre  professional with extensive experience leading DC projects internationally, Jacob's addition to the Technical team at VIPA will continue to strengthen the companies capabilities. 

Feb 2020

Huge thanks to Simon Allen and Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO Green Mountain Data Centres for hosting the 'Food for Thought' Dinner and for receiving the iM Education Champion Medal.  


Great to meet my fellow diners 

Rebecca Brooke, Emma Fryer, Maria J Rivas-Duarte, Riccardo Degli Effetti, Romain Tranchant, Brian Waddell, Peter Hopton, Zahl Limbuwala ,Tom Mora,  Mette Berger Gulbrandsen & 

Svein Atle Hagaseth 

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Jan 2020

We're Hiring, Get in touch at

Dec 2019

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the VIPA team.

Dec 2019

Come and see VIPA Digital's Paul Cranfield and friends paint a bright picture of #DataCenters as seen from Copenhagen. Part of BroadGroup's #DatacloudNordic conference on 3rd Dec 2019.


Part of the #DatacloudGlobal series also starring: Rob Elder (Bulk Infrastructure AS) ; Fredrik Kallioniemi (#hydro66) and Tor Björn Minde (RISE SICS). Hosted by Cambridge Management Consulting Limited's Roy Maxwell.

Nov 2019

Data centre IT equipment is often used for only a few years and then thrown away. The environmental impact of this is tough to mask! VIPA Digital is part of a CEDaCI working-group  which aims to make data centres more sustainable through circular economy, encouraging reduction, recycling, refurbishment and reuse through improved design. This amazing mask has been made with recycled PCBs by Dan Sklan of iNetGroup  to highlight this issue.

Nov 2019

ENGIE Impact Short listed for Energy awards.

#VIPADigital were delighted to join the group who celebrated their success at the event at the Park Lane Hilton.


Shortlisted for 'Energy Buying Team' of the year and 'Third Party Intermediary' 2019, the ENGIE Impact table enjoyed a fun evening with friends and colleagues across all areas of the International Energy Community.

Nov 2019

The Royal Dublin Society (former occupant of this building) was originally founded to see Ireland thrive. It seems fitting that it’s now hosting #DCIreland_Expo and #Datacentres here are booming.


Plus they love the climate for efficiency - I wish I could say the same!


Oct 2019

Edge computing continues to dominate agendas at data centre conferences as analysts, operators and suppliers get to grips with the implications for the sector.  

Sept 2019

The VIPA team is delighted to welcome Stuart Hall who joins the company as Technical Director.

With extensive engineering experience having worked at Digital Realty, ARUP, DELL and Future Facilities, Stuart strengthens the technical group at VIPA.

Jun 2019

The VIPA team attends the 2019 Datacloud​ Global Congress and the I-Masons Diversity & Inclusion Gala in Monaco.  A great week  meeting our clients and colleagues from the industry,


Mar 2019

How Hyperscale investments are behind Mega growth of Europes Data Centre Market.


Feb 2019

VIPA achieves ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards accreditation.


With our commitment to operating our business to the highest standards, we have undergone independent auditing and are very proud to have been awarded the certifications.

Oct 2018

Everyone knows that designing and building a data centre is monumentally complex and expensive.  


This is primarily because it brings together multiple industry sectors within a single operational unit: building standards, telecommunications cabling and networks, combustion plant, electrical engineering, building and energy management, not to .... 

June 2018

VIPA Digital participates at the Enteprise Cloud Forum in Monaco, discussing the 'Enterprise Journey to the Cloud'. 

Panelists :

  • Dean Nelson, Head of Compute, UBER

  • Chris Edmonds, Strategy Director, Worldpay

  • Des Burke, CEO, PGDS

  • Sean Moloney, DC Manager, Great West Life

  • Vijay Mistry, Partner, VIPA Digital  (Chair)

June 2018

VIPA Digital participated on a panel session on the Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management at Ruskin University in Cambridge.

The panel discussed 'The Changing Nature of DC's and Merging Business Imperatives with Amanda Lennon (Equinix), Emma Fryer (TechUK), Terri Simpkin (CNET Training) and VIPA Digitals, Vijay Mistry

May 2018

Double win for VIPA at the raffle . Many thanks to Riello and Raritan for the prizes. 

March 2018

VIPA visits the impressive KAO Data Centre in Harlow. Many thanks to Paul Finch (COO) and Gerard Thibault (CTO) for showing us around.  

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